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How to order?

 To order, you must do the following steps:

  1. Through the "buy" button on the COLLECTION page, you will be directed to the respective page of the product you selected;

  2. At the end of the chosen product page, click on the "... just add ...." button, and you will be sent to the Mail where you order the product (s) you want. In the email to be sent, you must mention, reference, quantity and size, of the product you want to purchase;

  3. After that, ADD WATER will send an email with confirmation of the order, as well as with the data to proceed with the payment;

  4. Your order will be shipped after payment confirmation.

  5. As soon as the order leaves the ADD WATER workshop, you will receive an email to notify the shipment. The stipulated deadline for delivery is in the shipping conditions (see here)

If the payment referred to in point 3 is not made within 24 hours after sending the email from ADD WATER with payment details, the order will be automatically canceled.

Privacy and Security

ADD WATER respects the privacy of its customers, so that your personal data will be treated only internally for the purposes of customer management, and promotional and advertising campaigns, exclusively for articles marketed by ADD WATER.

Payment Methods
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